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Advance Numerology Course

Advanced Numerology delves into the significance of numbers in your destiny. It uncovers details about individuals and the world, offering insights and knowledge, benefiting personal understanding and guidance.

Advanced Numerology Course by IRF

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What is by IRF

The fundamental analysis of the numbers in your destiny is Numerology. You may discover information about the world and each individual through Numerology. There is a theory that Numerology is a unifying force of numbers. However, because there are so many variations of Numerology, it might appear not very easy, and you may not know where to start. Numerology is comparable to astrology in many respects, but it employs a different approach—numbers—to gain insight and knowledge. If you are familiar with astrology, you undoubtedly have a rudimentary understanding of it.

Benefits by IRF

What are the benefits?
Each number that is connected to you has a distinct meaning. Why do you call this place home? What goals do you have for your life? What should you do next? Numbers may be used to compute any characteristic. Because of this, a Numerology is an insightful tool for knowing oneself, family, and friends, whether one utilises it to assess one’s own life, confirm skills, research and fully use possibilities, or choose the next course of action. A few benefits you get after learning Advanced Numerology are –

  • Can start predictions
  • can make predictions for self and family
  • Basic knowledge of Astrology
  • can make the right decisions and right choices
  • start earning through workshops & consultancy
Who can learn by IRF

Who can learn Advanced Numerology?
To pursue an advanced Numerology course, a person must have these qualities –

  • Basic Knowledge of Numerology
  • understanding of Astrology
  • Reiki Healing
  • Vastu Expert
  • Open mind
  • Willingness to learn more
  • Outstanding communication abilities
  • Reasonable aptitude
  • Analytical thinking and behaviour

Why Learn Advanced Numerology?
By combining many components of a person’s personality, Numerology may provide a comprehensive picture of that person’s character. By using your strengths, you can seize the opportunity when you have the whole picture. The long-term advantages and prime reasons to learn Advanced Numerology are:

  • Ability to take advantage of opportunities to your benefit
  • Make a career as a Numerologist
  • Understand Vastu of House
  • Being able to foresee the proper route in your life
  • Being able to assist others by pointing them in that direction
  • Making the appropriate choices
  • Ability to research more thoroughly
  • Understand people around you


  • The Detailed Spiritual & Philosophical aspect behind the Numbers.
  • Characteristic of Numbers (in a nutshell for predictive purpose).
  • Detailed approach to Karmic Numbers.
  • Remedies of Karmic Numbers.
  • Missing Karma Numbers & their Remedies.
  • Meaning of Date, Month & Year in our Complete Date of Birth.
  • Meaning & Relevance of Your Name & Surname.
  • Which Name is to be considered for Numerological Assessment?
  • How to deal with Multiple Names?
  • Which name to be selected for Examination in case of Multiple Names?
  • How to deal with Name Change After Marriage?
  • Relevance of Name change.
  • Is it required to change your name or not?
  • Conditions for a name change.
  • What are Core Numbers & their relevance?
  • What are Psyche Number, Driver Number Destiny Number, Conductor Number, Soul Number, Personality Number & Ultimate Destiny Number and their relevance in Prediction?
  • What are Planes of Numbers & how to predict them?
  • Meaning Behind the Alphabets & how to use them for personality assessment?
  • Concept of Even & Odd Numbers & assessment of personality by them.
  • What is KUA Number & its role in Fengshui (in brief) & in Numerological prediction?
  • What is Lo Shu Grid? How to make it?
  • How to make a prediction with Lo Shu Grid?
  • What is the meaning of Repetition & Absence of Numbers in the Numerological Charts & Lo Shu Grid (from 1 to 9)?
  • Meaning of presence & absence of Arrows of Numbers.
  • What is Pinnacle (Mahadasha) & Challenge Number? How do they affect our life & How to make a prediction about them?
  • Meaning of Each Pinnacle of the Life.
  • Table of Numerical & Planetary friendship.
  • Affinity of Numbers with Each other.
  • Mobile Numerology.
  • Colour Scheme & Colour Selection according to Direction.
  • Name selection with Relevance of DOB.
  • No Name Change Required Method -: 52-day remedy.
  • What are Personal Year Number (Antar Dasha), Personal Month Number (Pratyantar Dasha) & Personal Day Number (Sooksham Dasha)? How to calculate all of them & Meaning & Analysis them?
  • How to find Lost Articles by Numerology?
  • How to Make Tabeez & Grids for Remedies of Planets & numbers?
  • What is Event & Essence Number & How to use it in the Prediction?
  • Some extra Remedies for All planets & Numbers.
  • Interaction of Between Numbers.
  • Observing Angelic Numbers (Recurring Numbers) & Meaning behind them.


  • Advance Numerology PDF
  • Free Numerology Software
  • Certificate of Completion*
  • Class Recordings

Frequently Asked Questions

Numerology is sometimes called pseudoscience, and there is no certification procedure. The fundamentals. Learn the meanings of the numbers by reading about them, then add to your understanding of each number as your interest in the subjects provided grows.

Most numerologists believe Pythagoras to be the creator of the science of numbers. Around 569 B.C., Pythagoras, a philosopher, was born in Greece. Unfortunately, since very little of Pythagoras’ original writing has survived, most of those who have written about him have done. Hence, historians know very little about him hundreds of years after his passing.

Numerology is the pseudoscientific belief in a divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It also studies the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas. It is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology, similar to divinatory arts.

You can finish the Numerology Diploma Course by working up to 150 hours from home. This course can be completed at your leisure and without a set completion date.