Trainings By India Reiki Foundation

About India Reiki Foundation

India Reiki Foundation is a healing and learning platform for people who are in pain and distress in their lives due to health, finance, marital, career or any other life problems. India Reiki Foundation (IRF) helps them heal through Reiki Energy and lead a wonderful life. We also train people to learn to help others through Reiki, Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and Crystal Healing procedures.

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What IRF can do for you

Physical Well-Being

Understand underlying causes of physical ailment from present or past and correct the flow of energy.

Mental Health

Investigate deep into the aura to find what is causing the distress and healing it.

Life & Success

A great life and success is for all; once we realise how to find the real roadblocks and use the energy to our benefit.

Enfold Reiki Energy

Universal energy is an ultimate tool for your robust health and joy in mind, body and spirit. In reality, nothing belongs to us. Our body, mind, thoughts, beliefs, race, religion etc. – all belong to the fake world called life. Finding the real self anywhere else is of no use because the real self is within ourselves and is infinite and full of unbound power. This is the only entity that we can claim as ours and is complete in every way. This "me", the one which is infinite has all the resources that is required to explore the life because this "me" is the one with the universal energy. This "me" is the one with the "Reiki Power."

Let's Discover it within ourselves with help of India Reiki Foundation

Consultancy Healings by India Reiki Foundation

Benefit from Positive Energy of Master Healers and Consultants. Change your Life.

Vedic-Usui REIKI

India Reiki FoundationTM is now presenting Reiki with entire Vedic concept. Although Sensei Usui has founded Reiki in Japan after many years of research work and meditation experiences but India had been the root of Reiki since ancient time. Techniques of reiki and descriptions of Chakras and Koshas have been mentioned in our Vedas since ever. Vedic-UsuiTM Reiki is our Trademark and we teach Reiki Healing under Vedic System.