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Basic Crystal Healing Course

Crystal Healing is an alternative therapy utilizing Crystals to heal and prevent disease. Crystals are believed to channel healing energy, offering various benefits, and anyone can learn this practice.

Basic Crystal Healing Course by IRF

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What is by IRF

Crystal Healing, an alternative medical technique, uses Crystals and other minerals to heal ailments and prevent disease. The proponents of this technique claim that Crystals act as healing conduits, letting beneficial, therapeutic energy enter the body while expelling negative, disease-causing energy.

Benefits by IRF

What are the benefits?
When you learn Crystal Healing, several advantages become apparent. However, you may quickly see the following benefits of practicing Crystal Healing:

  • Crystals are portable and easier to carry
  • Crystals have their own therapeutic potential
  • They may be used anywhere, at any time
  • Remote Healing is feasible
Who can learn by IRF

Who can learn Crystal Healing?
Anyone may begin their energy healing path using Crystals if they desire to become a healer. Crystals possess unique powers of their own. Some Crystals are utilised for physical bodily Healing based on their mineral makeup, while others are used to create a spiritual connection. While certain Crystals are used for protection, others enhance our lives with love, peace, and harmony. One must be familiarised with the human energy system, including the chakras and subtle bodies of humans, to use Crystals properly. Therefore, we always suggest that Crystal Healing practice be done in conjunction with learning about Reiki Healing. Those who have at least obtained the training for Reiki Levels I and II will have better results with Crystal Healing.

Why learn Crystal Healing?
Learning Crystal Healing has several advantages, including enabling you to heal members of your family, acquaintances, and clients. You may even become a certified Crystal healer by studying and practicing Crystal Healing. Crystals impact the vibrating energy fields that make up the human body. Crystals may redirect and re-channel energy flow, helping to remove blocked or trapped energy fields using their unique energetic frequencies. A Crystal’s powerful healing capabilities come into play when we grasp it. The body is thought to feel clear, peaceful, and concentrated due to the interplay between the Crystalline frequencies and the body’s natural energy frequencies.

Course Content

Day 1

  • Introduction to Crystals and Different Types of Crystals
  • How to Cleanse Crystals
  • How to Choose Your Crystals – Basic

Day 2

  • Charging and Programming Your Crystals
  • How To Store Your Crystals
  • Uses of Crystals

Day 3

  • Some Common Crystals and Their Healing Properties
  • Chakra and Aura Healing Using Crystals

Day 4 & 5

  • Different Crystals for Different Issues
  • Crystals for Health – Physical/Mental/Emotional
  • Crystals for home
  • Crystals for protection
  • Crystals for Office
  • Crystals for Money Abundance
  • Crystals for Growth and Career
  • Crystals for Ladies
  • Crystals for Goal Manifestation

Day 6

  • Crystal Grid and How to use it
  • Remote Healing using Crystals

Day 7

  • Law of Attraction
  • Meditation with Crystals
  • Crystals for Healing Amplification

Day 8 & 9

  • Crystal Healing Technique for
  • Health
  • Money Abundance
  • Growth & Success
  • Career
  • Home & Office
  • Protection
  • Goal Manifestation

Day 10

  • Introduction to Crystals Healing by Reiki

Frequently Asked Questions

health-promoting Crystals Clear quartz is regarded as a master healer and is said to boost the body’s overall energy system. Jasper is a calming stone that offers comfort in stressful situations. Obsidian is said to aid in letting go and processing feelings and experiences.

Cleansing putting incense, especially sage smoke, through your Crystal. Employing sound, such as singing bowls or chanting. Letting the sun or moonlight shine on your Crystal for several hours. Place your Crystal in a stream of water Get saltwater on your Crystal. Put a bowl of brown rice on top of your Crystal.


Diseases including anxiety, sadness, sleeplessness, and more physical ailments like digestive issues, are supposed to be helped by Crystals containing specific stones.