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Crystal Healing Courses by IRF

Crystal Healing, rooted in ancient civilizations like Sumerians and Egyptians, offers versatile benefits for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Anyone can learn to harness these powerful energies.

Crystal Healing

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What is by IRF

Crystals have been utilised as magical tools for healing and protection since the beginning. Crystal Healing has a long history that dates back to the Sumerian era. They were the first to employ crystals for various reasons, including spell casting. Ancient Egyptians were highly famous for their use of lapis lazuli jewellery.

Crystals were also used in Egyptian cosmetics. For kohl-eye cosmetics, Galena (lead ore) ground powder was employed. Similar techniques were employed with malachite. On the other side, the Greeks tended to like amethyst. Crystal Healing is still recommended today since India has a long history of being used for protection, chakra balance, physical and mental body healing, and many other things.

Benefits by IRF

What are the benefits of Crystal Healing?

Learning Crystal Healing has several advantages, including –

  • The ability to use them anywhere and anytime
  • The ability to carry them with us everywhere we go
  • Remote healing is possible
  • You can also start your consultancy as a professional
  • Ability to heal yourself, friends, family, and clients
Who can learn by IRF

Who can learn Crystal Healing?

Anyone may begin their energy healing path using crystals if they desire to become a healer. Some crystals are utilised for physical bodily healing based on their mineral makeup, while others are used to create a spiritual connection.

While certain crystals are used for protection, others enhance our lives with love, peace, and harmony. One must be exposed to the human energy system, including the chakras and subtle bodies of humans, to use crystals properly. Therefore, we always suggest that Crystal Healing practice be done in conjunction with learning about Reiki Healing. The optimum effects from Crystal Healing may only be obtained by those who have at least gained attunement for Reiki Levels I and II.

Why learn Crystal Healing?
The ability to cure members of your family, friends and customers is one of the many benefits of learning Crystal Healing. You can even get the certification by learning about and using Crystal Healing. Crystals affect the human body’s vibrating energy fields. Using their specific electromagnetic frequencies, crystals may reroute and channel energy flow, aiding in releasing trapped or obstructed energy fields. When we hold a crystal, its potent healing properties are activated. The interaction between the crystalline frequencies and the body’s inherent energy frequencies is considered to cause the body to feel clear, serene, and focused.

Frequently Asked Questions

Crystals should interact with the body’s energy field to bring harmony and balance. While many individuals use stones to reduce stress and improve focus, some think they can treat bodily ills and illnesses.

Because it assists in balancing all of your chakras and energetically attunes to all other crystals, clear quartz is referred to as the “master healer.”

The crystal moldavite is, without a doubt, one of the most potent ones available today. The Moldavite Flush is a process stimulated by the frequencies this excellent stone emits. Approximately 15 million years ago, a meteorite collided with the earth, forming a crystal structure.

Rose quartz – Wear this pale pink gemstone around your neck or carry it in your pocket or handbag to help you feel more loving and supportive of yourself throughout the day.