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Advance Crystal Healing Course

Advanced Crystal Healing is a complementary therapy that uses gemstones to treat and prevent illness. It provides a detailed understanding of crystals, chakras, and energy systems.

Advance Crytal Healing Course by IRF

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What is by IRF

Crystal Healing is a complementary medical practice that uses crystals and other gemstones to treat illnesses and ward off disease. This method’s proponents say that crystals serve as therapeutic conduits, allowing good, curative energy to enter the body while releasing harmful, disease-causing energy.

Benefits by IRF

What are its benefits?
Several benefits become apparent as soon as you achieve Advanced Crystal Healing mastery. However, the main advantages of mastering advanced Crystal Healing are as follows, which you may immediately notice:

  • Detail understanding of Crystal Habitat
  • Detail Knowledge of Human Energy System
  • Ability to diagnose issues and concerned chakra
  • Capability to balance the chakras
  • Use crystals for humans, plants & animals
  • Develops the understanding of the basic shapes of crystals

Learning Crystal Healing enables you to fight against anxiety, achieve Inner peace, Increase your and your client’s concentration and focus, and many other benefits.

Who can learn by IRF

Who can learn Crystal Healing?
Anyone who wants to help himself and others can study advanced Crystal Healing. One may transfer positive energies into an individual using the Crystal Healing technique, healing them on the inside and outside. There is no prerequisite to learning advanced Crystal Healing. However, the person must possess a foundational understanding of reiki healing or gemstones.

Why learn Crystal Healing?
There are many benefits to learning Crystal Healing, including being capable of healing yourself, family, friends, and clients. In addition, learning and mastering advanced Crystal Healing will allow you to be a professional crystal healer. The body’s energy fields commonly referred to as vibrational energy, are affected by crystals. With their distinctive energetic frequencies, crystals can reroute and re-channel energy flow, assisting in clearing blocked or stuck energy fields. When we hold a crystal, its powerful therapeutic properties are immediately engaged. The interaction between the crystal vibrations and the body’s inherent energy frequency is believed to leave the body feeling clear, calm, and focused.
Learning Crystal Healing will allow you to –

  • Heal yourself and others
  • To be able to channel energy through any beings
  • Cure, prevent, and detect hidden diseases
  • To help friends, family, and clients but invoking the healing properties of crystals
  • To become a professional Crystal Healer and make a career in it


Historical Background Of Crystals

  • Types of Crystals
  • The Human Energy Field
  • Identify the subtle bodies and brief outline of each
  • Structure of the chakra system and its Psychodynamic functioning
  • Understanding Healing
  • What is healing


  • Effects of Meditation on Body
  • Visualisation

Popular Crystals used in Healing

  • 10 Most Popular Healing Crystals

How To Choose Right Crystal

  • Using Dowser
  • Using Your Energy

Cleansing & Programming of Crystal
Crystal Healing for –

  • Grounding
  • Protection – Self and Place
  • Psychic Attacks
  • Money and Finance
  • Career, Growth, Business
  • Relationship

Crystal Grid

  • All-purpose Crystal Grid
  • Money Crystal Grid
  • Relationship Crystal Grid

Other Uses of Crystals

  • Crystal Water
  • Crystal Meditation
  • Crystal Protection
  • Crystals According to Need
  • Zodiac Crystals

Mode: Materials will be shared in the form of Texts/Audio/PDF/Pics (Videos where and if required)

Frequently Asked Questions

Just be consistent when you want to begin working with a crystal or earth energy. It doesn’t have to be wild; take seven days and hold onto it before you go to bed each night or carry it around in your pocket.

The oldest ancient civilisations are known to have used crystal therapy, according to evidence that stretches back thousands of years. You now have the chance to master this powerful, age-old technique for managing energy, which will significantly improve your personal life.

Diseases including anxiety, sadness, sleeplessness, and more physical ailments like digestive issues, are supposed to be helped by crystals containing particular stones.

Priorities: Before examining what the stones may provide, decide what you feel is missing. Before relying on outside sources, this will assist you in determining what is happening within yourself. Just let your instincts decide what’s best for you after that.