Learning Reiki Level I, II, and III and Holy Fire Reiki have changed my life entirely. I am grateful to the India Reiki Foundation courses, which helped me restore balance to my everyday life and helped me fight diseases as well as mental stress. I would advise everyone to take this course. I've learned a lot from the courses.

The instructor adds excitement to the class by using real-world examples and relatable tales to clarify complex concepts. Even after the course is complete, the painstakingly produced notes will be constructive in reviewing the material. The subject's excellent explanation has piqued my interest in the topic.

Chintan Mukul Mehta

Learning Crystal healing and palmistry helped me become a professional in this field. India Reiki Foundation has helped me and numerous others learn palmistry, astrology, and Reiki healing. I can now choose the right direction in life. The courses covered a wide range of healing modalities that elevate your degree of knowledge.

Darzzelly Joy Zapta
Basic + Adv Crystal

Crystal healing and Vedic-Usui Reiki have helped me immensely. Not only did I learn to heal myself, but now I am a Grandmaster in Reiki Healing. The courses instil in the learner a desire for Reiki in addition to knowledge. The teacher's enthusiasm for the Reiki method, mysticism, energy, life, and karma's purpose was the experience's highlight. 

The course is transformative and transcends fundamental ideas. You walk away contemplating improvements to make in your life. The attunement and practical application were the most satisfying experiences. I was happy with the class overall. Anyone interested in Reiki should take this class, in my opinion.

Reiki Level 3

I started numerology as a hobby and wanted to dive deeper into the subject. IRF's courses have helped me in doing so. The courses taught me many new things and instilled a passion for numerology. Now I want to practice it and get better at it. I am thinking of starting new courses on other subjects as well.

Reiki was always a mystery to me that I wanted to solve. However, I have taken courses from other people, which never seemed to work. Then I found IRF. IRF courses didn't only help me learn and understand Reiki and inspired me to go above and beyond to learn other new things like palmistry. Before, I was interested, but now I am a believer.

I always wanted to learn the proper use of crystals and pendulums but could not find the right mentor. After doing courses from other sources, I almost gave up my hope, but then I came across IRF. IRF's courses are carefully curated with meaningful content. It didn't only give me hope but taught me the accurate use of crystals and pendulums.