About India Reiki Foundation

India Reiki Foundation is a healing and learning platform for people who are in pain and distress in their lives due to health, finance, marital, career or any other life problems. India Reiki Foundation (IRF) helps them heal through Reiki Energy and lead a wonderful life. We also train people to learn to help others through Reiki, Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and Crystal Healing procedures.

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Our Philosophy

Light - Buddha

Everyone is blessed with a beautiful light within. You just have to realise and recognize it. Unfold the power of Reiki with us. We think of an amalgamation of Shiva and Buddha as the light and the force of Reiki.


The energy can never be created nor destroyed. It is constant and nothing can limit the flow of energy in the universe. We, too, are blessed with energies but we often use it to achieve materialistic goals and ignore our spiritual side that is the main source of energy within. At IRF we put our focus to the spiritual side of Life-energy.


Reiki Energy is one such energy that connects us with our spiritual form as well as the universe. Meditation is just one key to get connected with the highest energy of the universe but it is the Reiki Power, that helps harness and harvest the energy and use it for healing and living purpose.


With the aspiration of helping and healing people, we at IRF (India Reiki Foundation) has taken the step to remove the hassles from their lives so that this world may achieve optimal tranquility. Keeping the idol of Gautam Buddha in mind, our purpose is to spread peace in the world and help heal as many as possible through a positive source of Universal Life-Energy.


By attaining such connections, achieving the targets, manifesting goals, healing and treating illness and fulfilling dreams become easy. However, the objectives can be attained only if the energy of the objectives will match the divine energy. To this effect we teach and empower able learners and healers to be able to help others.


Reiki is existential throughout the universe and so it flows through all the beings. It is a Mind-Body-Technique also known as Hands-on Healing-Art.

Upon activation, this Reiki Energy attends to the Mind, Spirit & Body. By this method, you enable yourself to heal others as well as yourself.


Our Mission

India Reiki Foundation thrives to work and preach on the findings of Chujro Hayashi, Mikao Usui and Hawayo Takata and further disperse the knowledge with comprehensive yet simpler techniques of teaching. 

Our mission is to impart IRF’s individualistic insights and particular understandings to the vast methods of Vedic-Usui Reiki Healing Practices while preserving the teachings of ancient times.


Our Vision

We wish to gather, grow and develop an exponentially extensive family of Reiki Healers around the globe where altogether we’ll be able to spread healing that this Mother Earth, and their beings under its abode, apparently needs. 

We parallelly aim to individually elaborate healers’ inner self to an extent where they can observe their spiritual evolution, which beholds the definition of their purpose. 


Our Vision

Together we grow as IRF Family. Each member who is connected with, whether as a healer or client, is part of IRF Family. We value life and we believe the life has been gifted with the purpose. We are the lights that can guide you through your darkness to find your purpose of life.