Join yoga classes online for shaping up your life and not only for the physical fitness. Seeking the finesse at the physical level will only be able to bring your body in shape but yoga practice helps in shaping your body, mind and soul like the Reiki Healing Practice. “Yogas Chitta Vriti Nirodha” – a phrase in Yoga Sutra by Maharshi Patanjali states the importance of yoga in bringing the calmness and stillness in the mind in order to attain the higher level of consciousness. Yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which has the root meaning as ‘the union’. The yog or yoga is all about uniting yourself and liberate your spirit to make connection with the higher realm.

Yoga is the root of the existence of a being on the earth. Each activity remains partial without the involvement of yoga in our life such as breathing. Inhaling and exhaling is basic necessity for living but breathing with right technique is yoga and this makes living even easier and free from blockages and diseases.

Meditation on the other hand in combination with Yoga brings tremendous results when it comes to bring the balance in your life. A state of harmony is reached through meditation practice. Where yoga works on the body, mind and soul levels, the effect of meditation can be seen on the spirit level. The connection with the higher realm is then said to be established when you reach to your spiritual body. Join our online Meditation classes to experience the unfolded mysteries of your subtle bodies.

Yoga & Meditation Classes at IRF
India Reiki Foundation Yoga & Meditation classes are conducted online in order to reach the power of yoga and the meditation around the globe. Following are the classes that are soon to be available as part of IRF.

  • Online Meditation Practice/Course
  • Online Pranayam Practice/Course
  • Online Vinyasa Yoga Practice
  • Online Ashtanga Yoga Practice
  • Online Yoga Alignment Practice
  • Online Yoga Philosophy Course
  • Online Yoga Teacher Training Course