I was interested in numerology but never believed it to be true. I took courses from other mentors, which only solidified my belief that numerology was bogus. However, when I heard about IRF and their online courses, I decided to try it, and now I can say that I believe in numerology. It can do amazing things when you learn it right from the right mentor.

Parth Dewan

I wanted to learn everything, and IRF helped me with my journey. IRF courses helped me achieve my dream, from palmistry to numerology to Psychic surgery. I am incredibly interested in alternative healing, and IRF courses made my dream come true.

I always wanted to learn alternate healing, palmistry, astrology, and Tarot but never could find a mentor who could help me dive deeper into the subjects. Most of the courses either lacked content or just were not the real thing. So when I came across IRF, it changed my life. I learned many things, including Palmistry, Professional numerology, Reiki, Astrology, and Tarot, with the help of IRF courses.

I was always sceptical about Reiki, and I wanted to learn Reiki because I did not believe in it. But after my experience with IRF, I can safely say that your experience depends on the mentor and the course. While most people are not teaching the right thing, organizations like IRF brings the natural thing to the table and changes your opinion forever.

While I have always been interested in Tarot cards, I always thought it was something fake and vague. So I wanted to learn Tarot to prove just that. However, after the course and experience with IRF, I can vouch that Tarot card reading can be done with great accuracy when you learn actual Tarot reading.

Astrology has always attracted me, but the only time I tried to learn it, it felt too complex. After hearing about IRF, I tried their course, and now I am an astrologer. I have also learned Reiki, Crystal healing, pendulum uses, and angel healing from IRF. It was a great experience, to say the least.

IRF helped me in achieving my dream of being a professional Astrologer. Not only that, but I also learned Psychic surgery, Holy fire Reiki, Vedic-Usui Reiki, and numerology through their courses. This has not only helped me in my life, but now I can help my family, friends and clients with the things I have learned.

While numerology was always an interest, I did not consider it a legitimate way of knowing things. To me, it was a coincidence. So I decided to learn numerology to prove that it's not accurate. However, after doing the IRF course, I am now inspired, have a different point of view, and use numerology to help myself in life's journey.