Vedic Usui Reiki Grandmastership

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What is Vedic-Usui Reiki Level I?
Reiki is an alternative medical science that uses the energy of the universe's life force to treat any wound, sickness, or condition. Additionally, this energy aids in improving all aspects of life and circumstances. The Reiki Masters are given instructions on how to attune students to Reiki Mastership when they reach Grandmastership—having symbol knowledge and more to offer in Reiki Grandmasters. The practitioner must have completed all levels of Reiki before moving on to this one.

What are the benefits of Vedic-Usui Reiki Grandmastership?
Benefits of Reiki Healing include: 

  • Connects with Higher Realm 
  • Improves mental strength & power of acceptance 
  • Improves understanding
  • Increases intuitive & self-awareness power
  • It helps get rid of pain & diseases
  • Protects from negative energies and thoughts
  • Promotes speedy recovery from any physical, emotional, or situational issues

Who can learn Vedic-Usui Reiki Grandmastership?
Everyone can learn Reiki healing. There are no prerequisites or qualifications needed to learn Reiki healing. But it's essential to understand the modalities progressively rather than starting at the very beginning. Like the attunement process, the energy channelisation process changes based on the level. To learn Grandmastership level Reiki, you will need to complete learning Reiki Level I, II, II, and Mastership level.

Why learn Vedic-Usui Reiki Grandmastership?
When Master Usui first invented Reiki, there were just 4 degrees of healing. The fourth level was further separated into the levels of Mastership and Grandmastership by the reiki healing's successors. Therefore, there are five levels in today's Reiki healing module. Attunement for specific reasons and instruction on generating reiki symbols are part of the grandmastership level. You will learn how to attune pupils who are reiki mastership level during the reiki grandmastership level.

Course Content

  • Science behind symbology
  • Origin of Reiki & other symbols
  • How symbols work and generate energy
  • Dr Usui's hidden knowledge & true story
  • Facts & Deep meaning of Initiation & Attunement
  • Attunement or Initiation of Prosperity or Money Attunement
  • Samridhi Shaktipat
  • Harmonious relationship attunement
  • Madhurya Shaktipat
  • Education & Knowledge attunement
  • Vidya Shaktipat. Grandmaster's Instant healing techniques
  • How to create a powerful Reiki Master
  • How to perform Mass healing (100-10000 people at one time)
  • How to create Master Grid.