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What is Dowsing?
Dowsing is a paranormal ability that aids in locating misplaced items, invisible objects, and concealed solutions. Dowsing can be done using your intuitive abilities or Dowsing instruments like pendulums and L- and Y-shaped rods. It's relatively easy. A pendulum is a weighted object on a string used as a channel for energy, which may be from you, another person, or divine energy.

What are the benefits of learning Dowsing?
With the proper attunement and understanding of the reiki healing symbols, one can use Dowsing to convey healing over great distances while simultaneously being protected from energy from other realms. Once you have mastered the Dowsing technique, you can also go pro and start your own consulting business. Some of the benefits you can get after learning Dowsing are – 

  • Find the answers to our questions 
  • Find the lost/ hidden objects 
  • Find the most probable outcome of an event

Why learn Dowsing?
You can learn Dowsing to find answers to your or your client's questions. You can help yourself, your family, friends, and clients seek the object or answer they are looking for. Even though learning Dowsing is not hard, few have this skill at the professional level. This allows people to master the art of Dowsing and open their consultancy.
Why should you learn Dowsing? Here are some of the reasons – 

  • To receive spiritual guidance to make crucial decisions 
  • For healing 
  • physical issues 
  • Materialistic issues 
  • goal manifestation
  • Cleansing & Healing Chakras

Who can learn Dowsing?
Anybody can pick up Dowsing. However, a minimum Level I attunement in Reiki Healing will improve the accuracy of your Dowsing results.

Dowsing Workshop Course Content:

  • Introduction to Dowsing
  • History of Dowsing
  • Different types of Dowsers
  • How Dowsing Works
  • Making Connection with your Dowser
  • Meditation with dowser
  • Finding Answers in Yes/NO 
  • Finding Answers / Locations of Lost or Hidden Objects
  • Chakra/Aura Scanning using L Shape Dowser/ Bobber
  • Home Scanning Using L shape Dowser/Bobber
  • Checking Energy of Food
  • Healing Using Dowser 
  • Protection Tips
  • Some Crystals Prescription