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What is Palmistry?
Chiromancy, more often known as Palm Reading, is the formal name for Palmistry. In India's distant past, the practice of using Palmistry to predict one's future and see their fate was first developed. Saints could foretell the future by looking at the lines on their hands. Examining the qualities of the hands may also explain a person's personality traits and attributes. The practice of Palmistry also considers the fingers' size and form, the thumb's flexibility, and the fingernails' length. Astrologers and numerologists have validated the accuracy of this skill, which is currently performed throughout the world.

What are the benefits of learning Palmistry from IRF?

  • You can attend classes from any country in the comfort of your home.
  • Time and Money spent on travel are saved
  • fees are reasonable
  • classes are interactive
  • Saturday discussion sessions are offered
  • recordings of the classes are available for review or in case a class is missed (Out of the curriculum)

Who can Learn Palmistry?
Everyone can pick up Palmistry. Complete Palmistry study is a feat in and of itself, but we can make it happen. IRF Palmistry Course was specifically designed to provide more practical knowledge of palm reading than is possible by merely studying the fundamental theory. Numerous students who studied Palmistry with us found the helpful knowledge to launch their own Palmistry consulting businesses.

Why learn Palmistry?
Palmistry will allow you to monitor your own life and predict the past, present, and future of your clients, family, and friends. You can even make it your career, become a professional Palm reader, and start your own consultancy.


  • Introduction to Palmistry, 
  • Ancient Indian Palmistry Science, School of Palmistry, 
  • Western Scholars of Palmistry, Palmistry Vs. Astrology, Benefits of Palmistry, Basic laws of Palmistry.
  • Eligibility, time, place, method, material required, etc. After completion of the first module, students shall become comfortable with their understanding of basic concepts of Palmistry.
  • Comparative study of palm and body, kinds of palm and their shape, the effect of skin and colour. Hand analysis, Features of hand, shape, skin, the colour of skin, flexibility of hand, basic hand make-up, hairs on hand, etc.
  • Shapes of fingers, types of fingers, effect of skin colour and distance in fingers, mounts, nails- type and their importance etc.
  • Types of thumb, the importance of thumb analysis of different kinds of thumb, the effect of thumb on native. This module covers a deep analysis of the thumb and fingers. This module is yet another important step towards mastery of this beautiful subject.
  • Hand analysis – Mounts of Various planets viz Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. Effects of these mounts on humans and predictions based on these mounts.
  • Introduction to lines on the hand, basic study of life line, various factors that affect life line, life line and predictions related to it. Effects of other features in relation to the lifeline.
  • Introduction to the heart line, basic study of heart line, various factors that affect heart line, heart line and its predictions. Effects of other features in relation to heart line.