Basic Numerology

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What is Numerology?
Numerology is the basic study of the numbers in your life. You may learn facts about the globe and each individual through Numerology. A global language of numerals is thought to exist in Numerology. Numerology can appear extremely complex, and there are so many different types of it that you might not even know where to begin. However, if you are intimately acquainted with astrology, then you probably have a basic understanding of Numerology; it is similar to astrology in many ways but uses a different method: numbers—to obtain insight and experience.

What are the benefits?
Every number associated with you has a specific meaning. Why do you live in this area? What do you hope to achieve in life? How do you go from here? Any attribute may be calculated using numbers. Consequently, Numerology is a wise tool for understanding oneself and family and friends, whether one uses it to examine one's own life, validate talents, look into and fully exploit opportunities, or decide on the following action.

  • Understanding of Psychology of Numbers 
  • Gets familiar with essential characteristics of numbers
  • Ability to utilise situations in your favour
  • Ability to predict the right path in your life
  • Ability to help others by guiding them to the right path
  • Taking right decisions
  • Reading deeper into things

Who can learn Numerology?
To pursue a Numerology course, a person must have these qualities – 

  • Anyone can begin with Basic Numerology
  • No prior knowledge or experience required
  • Open minded
  • Willingness to dive deeper
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Reasonable aptitude
  • Analytical mind and behaviour

Why Learn Basic Numerology?
Using numerical representations of the numerous vibrational frequencies that compose the human experience, Numerology is a branch of astrology. The Ancient idea that all things are made up of energy flowing at varying speeds is one that modern science is just now starting to comprehend. Numerology offers a way to understand the universe and the features of vibrational patterns that comprise one's life. Learning Numerology will allow you to – 

  • Become a professional numerologist
  • Predict the past, present, and future of yourself and your clients
  • Be aware of the circumstances and future of your own family and friends

Content of Basic Numerology Workshop 

  • Meaning of Numerology.
  • How Numerology emerged across the globe.
  • Short description of Chaldean, Chiro, Kabalic & Sepherial  
  • Numerological Analysis.
  • The concept of Vowels & Consonants.
  • Our Vowel & Consonantal Chakras.
  • Alphabet attached with the soul when it enters the 
  • Physical Realm.  
  • Relevance of Numerology in our Life.
  • Scientific Explanation of Numerology.
  • Spiritual & Vedic Explanation of Numerology.
  • Three aspects of Self with relevance to numbers.
  • Connection Numerology & Astrology.
  • Numbers & their relevance with planets.
  • Numbers & their Relevance with Zodiac Signs /  
  • Rashi.
  • Numbers & their relevance Days.
  • Metaphysical Relevance of the Numbers.
  • Importance & Explanation of Zero.
  • Philosophy Behind the formation of Numbers. 
  • Spiritual Guidance behind the Numbers.
  • Numbers & their connection to the human body 
  • Chakras.
  • Narration & Description of 1, 10, 19 & 28.
  • Narration & Description of 2, 11, 20 & 29.
  • Narration & Description of 3, 12, 21 & 30.
  • Narration & Description of 4, 13, 22 & 31.
  • Narration & Description of 5, 14 & 23.
  • Narration & Description of 6, 15 & 24.
  • Narration & Description of 7, 16 & 25.
  • Narration & Description of 8, 17 & 26.
  • Narration & Description of 9, 18 & 27.
  • Detailed Narration of Numbers from 1 to 31.
  • What are Karmic Numbers?
  • Why are they called Karmic Numbers?
  • How to understand the Karmic Guidance behind numbers?
  • How to examine Pitr Dosh just by reviewing the numbers?
  • Why only 3 Numbers are Full Karmic Numbers &  the rest numbers are known as Semi Karmic Numbers?
  • How to check past life influenced by Numbers?
  • Breaking the Horrors & Myths behind 4, 7, 8 & 13.
  • Concept of Master Numbers?
  • Why only a few numbers act as Master Numbers?
  • What happens when you don't follow the path of Master Number?
  • Master influence from 11 to 99.