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What is Numerology?
Numerology is the study and languages of numbers. The study of numbers, their interpretations, and their effects on people's lives is known as Numerology. It is employed to ascertain a person's personality, talents, difficulties, inner demands, emotional responses, and interpersonal styles. By studying numbers, we can discover the laws of nature that govern our existence.

Why should you learn Numerology?
Numerology can be a wise tool that improves your understanding of yourself and your loved ones, whether you use it to review your life, seize untapped chances, validate your talents, or decide where to go next. The complete picture is presented by Numerology, which reveals all the various facets of your personality and how they interact to form your unique individual. As a result, you can maximise your strengths with this comprehensive picture.

What are the benefits of Numerology?
Here are some of the benefits of learning Numerology – 

  • Can make projections for oneself and one's family
  • Getting a basic understanding of astrology 
  • It can help you in making wise judgments
  • Can make money through consultation

Who should Learn Numerology?

  • To enrol in a Numerology course, one must possess the following traits:
  • Basic understanding of astrology and Numerology
  • Expert in Vastu and Reiki
  • Open mind
  • A desire to learn more
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Reasonable talent
  • Analytical thought process